Industry Regulations

Is the recruitment industry regulated? 

The UK recruitment industry is heavily regulated and recruiters are bound by law to meet certain standards. If a recruitment agency is a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), it must also adhere to the REC Code of Professional Practice, which goes beyond the statutory rules.

Despite this, recruitment agencies are often wrongly aligned with the ‘gig economy’, which is largely unregulated.

REC members are experts about the labour market and understand the regulatory environment they operate within. We distilled the key things you need to know about UK recruitment industry regulation into this factsheet, to help explain the various legislation which covers the recruitment industry, and to show how these regulations are enforced. 

Is the UK recruitment industry regulated

What can you do with this factsheet?

REC members are committed to uploading the highest operational and ethical standards. We want to raise awareness of what the REC badge represents.

  • Share this factsheet with clients and demonstrate your expertise and status as an REC member.
  • Promote your knowledge of the law covering recruitment.
  • Demonstrate that the recruitment industry is regulated by a substantial legislative framework.

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