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Recrutiment & Employment Confederation

Our Behaviours : the culture we aspire to at the REC

  • We work together, always. We trust the knowledge and abilities of others and use our own skills to work effectively within a team.  
  • We bring ideas and we are always comfortable to challenge and seek feedback. 
  • We work as one team with positive intent, we strive for success and know that it is shared, not individual success that matters most.  

Leaders and managers 

  • We encourage our teams to work together effectively, not just with each other but cross functionally by using our knowledge to inspire and motivate.  
  • We model collaborative behaviours ourselves by challenging respectfully and welcoming challenge from any colleague. We listen first and ask questions. 
  • We do not shy away from challenging conversations that need to be held, set clear expectations and coach our teams to achieve them. Their success is our success. 
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  • We are honest with each other and listen with positive intent, allowing different ideas to help form decisions.  
  • We know there is support available for us to be open with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  
  • We consistently give and receive feedback to each other ensuring it is constructive and with the aim to support and empower.  

Leaders and managers 

  • We trust our teams and each other to do an excellent job. We are clear about expectations and ask questions related to them.  
  • We challenge our teams to do an excellent job and to be open and honest with each other in a positive way. We are clear that challenges are to be shared, not hidden – we address problems without blaming people. 
  • We openly and proactively share relevant information across the organisation and within our teams as needed.  
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  • We look for ways to develop ourselves, remain curious and work to enhance our learning journey  
  • We push ourselves to learn how our industry is growing and to keep ahead of the latest innovations so we can better support our members. 
  • If we make mistakes, we evaluate, learn, and share. Accountability matters to all of us, but blame is not the right way to channel it. 

Leaders and managers

  • We encourage our teams to always be curious and we lead inquisitive teams who are not afraid to ask questions of managers and leaders 
  • We make a creative space for learning and development discussions and support the plans we develop in partnership with our teams. This includes stepping back in a risk-assessed way to allow teams to learn by doing, even if the result is sub-optimal. 
  • We celebrate success from our teams across the organisation to enhance learning overall. 
  • There is only one REC. When members need our support, it is everyone’s priority. 
  • We work hard, take ownership of our work as well as our actions and feel safe holding ourselves and others accountable. 
  • We’re open to change and innovation and strive to deliver at the highest standards. 
  • We work to make a difference, being friendly and helpful to others to demonstrate a positive attitude. 

Leaders and Managers

  • We set clear standards in our own behaviour and in the expectations we set.  
  • We take appropriate risks and manage our reactions to situations professionally and calmly  
  • We take pride in our own work, as well as the work of our teams.  


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  • We always act inclusively and respectfully, we value different opinions and embrace all abilities and strengths. We strive to be equitable at all times. 
  • We deal with legitimate disagreement by listening to each other and trying to find shared solutions. 
  • We approach colleagues with empathy, especially when needed to ensure time is being used in the right way 
  • We take ownership of our behaviours and consider the impact on others. We expect to be reminded of standards by colleagues if we slip.

Leaders and Managers

  • We encourage our teams to show respect towards others by demonstrating this ourselves  
  • We are authentic and open in the way we communicate, showing others that their opinions are always valued.  
  • We do not let poor behaviour or performance slip – we call others out in the right way and understand the need for all staff to do the same. We support this challenge.  
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  • We all play a role in ensuring the REC is an enjoyable place to work. We understand the importance of positive mental health and managing workflow in this. 
  • We take pride in the work that we do, and we have fun along the way.  
  • We champion social events and activities and always strive to get to know each other in ways which are inclusive for all. 

Leaders and Managers

  • We actively seek feedback on morale, workload, and workplace health from our teams – and seek to act on that feedback.  
  • We accept that there are trade-offs in a busy organisation and expect our teams to prioritise – we help them to do this.  
  • We remain positive and focused on what we can do.

Benefits of working at the REC

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We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for development and growth. Here's what else we offer our employees: 

  • 25 days annual leave, plus an additional day for your birthday and time off at Christmas
  • A season ticket loan
  • Access to an online training portal
  • Subsidised private healthcare
  • A range of discounts on shopping, travel, insurance products, restaurants, cinemas and more
  • Quarterly ‘Staff days‘ that consist of business updates, team building, interactive activities, and a lot of fun!
  • Staff bonus scheme

We are committed to promoting a modern and progressive working environment:

  • We are an equal opportunities employer
  • We are a Ban the Box employer
  • We are a Disability-confident employer
  • We promote inclusivity at every opportunity
  • We have Flexible Working Opportunities
  • The REC offers an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to support staff with personal and work-related issues, providing confidential access to trained professionals for immediate assistance.
  • Internal pension scheme
  • Wotter – a tool through which staff can confidentially share their thoughts and opinions.