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Mental Health and Well-being: In focus

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The lockdown measures put in place as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic has restricted human interaction and lead to some work-life imbalances. That's why we’ve built this permanent hub to give you and your team the resoures you need to help combat the mental health and well-being related issues you’re facing right now.

Mental well-being at work

Learn how to improve mental well-being at work for leaders, managers and individuals with Joanne Quinn, Founding Director of With You In Mind.

Session 1 - Leaders

Mental health at work - leaders

Session 2 - Managers (part 1)

Mental health at work - managers (p1)

Session 3 - Managers (part 2)

Mental health at work - managers (p2)

Session 4 - Individuals (part 1)

Mental health at work - individuals (p1)

Session 5 - Individuals (part 2)

Mental health at work - individuals (p2)

Free Whitepaper: Mental Health in the Recruitment Sector

We joined hands with our business partner Howden to bring you this guide to support you with expert guidance and practical steps that you can take to proactively look after your employees’ mental wellbeing. Download your free copy here.

Download the whitepaper

Podcast: Managing mental health featuring Rhonda D'Ambrosio

Mental well-being at home

We collaborated with Mental Health Advisor Chris Allen and Mentor and Co-founder of To Augment Bradley Placks to bring you practical guidance on how to stay well and build positive mental wellbeing while working from home. We’ve broken it down into seven short videos with an accompanying blog select any of the titles below to learn more. Please note that this content is available to REC Professionals.

MWH 1 - Working from home SQ.png

MWH 2 - Confidence SQ.png

Mental health at home - mindset

Mental health at home - Positivity

Mental health at home - Versatility

Mental health at home - Endurance

Mental health at home - Mastery

Video: Top Tips on Coping & Resilience by Howden

Our business partner Howden shares their top tips on coping and resilience. Top tip: Communicate regularly and watch out for those reluctant to engage in communication and online social interaction.