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Mental well-being at home - Versatility

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Versatility is all about how we choose to respond, whether we are able to adapt to change. It’s about changing our behaviour and it’s to do with how our thinking style can boost our resilience. Especially given this current pandemic control situation, we need to recognise that there are certain scenarios that we cannot change. So what can you do to change how you feel and how you respond, even through tough situations? There are three principles to mental versatility: Flexible Thinking; Adaptable Behaviour and Responding and Reacting.

Principle 1 Flexible Thinking: This is how we can change and balance the demands and demonstrate our ability to respond to the demands that we have. Are you able to objectively review your performance? Can you master this Flexible Thinking? That’s what this is all about.

Principle 2 Adaptable behaviour: When we are thinking about adapting our behaviour, this is a lot to do with being a social chameleon. It rests within the realm of emotional intelligence and to be emotionally intelligent, you first have to be socially aware and then decide how you choose to behave in any given situation. So, that is the second point, Adaptable Behaviour.

Principle 3 Respond and React. Once you have done this little internal audit, it is about plugging the gaps. Developing continuous improvement habits, continuously refining and adapting your future approach to how you respond to versatility.

As a little exercise you could do to practice these principles is to think about a time when you have adapted well. Where have you got space for improvement? And if you’re not sure where to pinpoint these, maybe talking to a friend or family member you trust and get their objective opinion. Because versatility, flexibility, is all about being able to be objective.

I’ve got a fairly unusual book recommendation for you on this, the 48 Laws of Power. This book outlines exactly how to respond to change, how to adapt behaviour and how thinking style can change your relationship to power. It relays a lot of different scenarios and case studies.

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