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Mental well-being at home - Endurance

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It’s useful to think about endurance in context of: performance in the face of adversity. High stress environments can have a negative effect on resilience. So, this is all about bending, but not breaking.

When we are thinking about endurance we want to begin to build and maintain long-term and short-term strategies that enhance our well-being. There three different principles I have got for you under the banner of endurance: Strategy, Structure and Support.

Principle 1 Strategy. The best way to enhance resilience is to have long-term strategies. This could be a process of reflection. Coaching can also help challenge your thought loops that you fall into. Short-term, it’s a very good idea to identify a supportive family member, friend or colleague you know you can talk to.

Principle 2 Structure. This is your system; this is your process. This is how you plan to thrive. This could be a through a process of reflection on your resilience, planning ahead, filling in those gaps where you perhaps have not been so resilient. It’s a very, very personal process indeed.

Principle 3 Support. This is about identifying the key people. The way that you might look at this with support from other people. Again, this is very, very personal and is ways to finding the right recipe of support for each person no matter what your characteristics are.

Today, I’d like you to dedicate a little bit of time creating and committing to a maintenance strategy. You will have heard of innumerable ways of maintaining your well-being. Exercise is one of them, another one is mindfulness and you will have heard of a great many apps out there, articles and YouTube videos that cover mindfulness. But another really effective way is journaling. Journaling is a very well used tool by a great many number of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Journaling is something I have been doing now for a number of years. I try to do it most mornings. It gives me a chance to reflect on the previous day, write down what I want to be able to achieve in the coming day and it’s just a benchmark to gauge my thoughts and my feelings and setting myself up for the best chance of success on any given day. So I highly recommend it, well worth giving that a go.

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