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Recrutiment & Employment Confederation

Our 2021 campaigning priorities

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Recovery from the pandemic, including unemployment support

  • We will champion the importance of our flexible labour market to the economic recovery. 
  • Our major new campaign will focus on the economic and social importance of recruiters to the UK.
  • We want to ensure the government taps into the expertise of recruitment professionals at this period of disruption, to tackle unemployment.

Good recruitment, diversity and inclusion

  • We will highlight the role great recruiters play in driving D&I. This includes ensuring that as an industry we can show progress in becoming more diverse and inclusive.
  • We will continue to work with members to ensure they can spot the signs of modern slavery.
  • Retraining and upskilling needs to be high on the agenda following the rapid rise in unemployment. We will continue to call for the Apprenticeship Levy to be unlocked to help the progression for almost a million temporary workers by allowing the levy to be used for shorter training courses.
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Trade and immigration post Brexit

  • We must demonstrate the global expertise and strength of the UK recruitment industry. Recruitment industry growth abroad has provided UK businesses with huge opportunities and is an important UK export. Getting a good deal for services is vital for our economy.
  • With a new immigration system from January, our priority is making sure that the progression to the new system is smooth for recruiters.
  • We will campaign to ensure the system is able to adapt to a changing labour market, so that the UK has access to the skills and people we need.

Regulatory change: ensuring a level playing field for business to thrive

  • We want government to recognise how some changes this year, implemented because of COVID-19, have had beneficial impacts to the economy, e.g. right to work changes.
  • We will campaign on the Employment Bill for the regulation of umbrella companies. The Bill will also create the template for a Single Enforcement Body and put forward policies to address one-sided flexibility. We will make our voice heard to ensure the Bill works for the recruitment industry.
  • We are standing up for members in procurement negotiations with framework providers.
  • We will ensure that enforcement is effective as technology changes, so that recruitment models and workers are protected.
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