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Recrutiment & Employment Confederation

Our 2023 campaigning priorities

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Overcoming labour and skills shortages

  • Building on our 2022 campaign, we will educate politicians and others about the practical realities of this market, and what is needed to grow our economy.  
  • We will campaign for an immigration for growth policy, one that meets business needs, and puts the UK in a strong, globally competitive position. Engagement with the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) and Shortage Occupation List (SOL) review will provide further opportunities to land REC messaging.  
  • Building on opposition party commitments, we will continue to set out the need for Apprenticeship Levy reform, including the introduction of shorter, more modular courses, to ensure that the system works for everyone including temporary workers. We want to see this picked up in party manifestos.

Promoting good recruitment, equality, diversity and inclusion

  • We will drive EDI in the recruitment industry and highlight the role great recruiters play in driving this across the wider UK workforce. We want to lead an industry showing progress in becoming more diverse and inclusive.
  • Operate as a thought leader on EDI for the recruitment industry, producing guidance and practical advice to help recruiters to embrace and practice EDI.
  • We will continue to work with members to ensure they can spot the signs of modern slavery.
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Representing members in the health and care sector

  • Demonstrate the value of the industry to clients, governments, NHS England, NHS Employers and in devolved nations, raising awareness of the value and work of agencies in supporting the NHS's workforce.
  • Campaign for a workable and realistic structure for a workforce procurement system so all parties involved in the NHS are treated fairly while providing the value for taxpayers' money we all want.
  • Work to establish a new partnership model between the REC, agencies and NHS stakeholders to understand workforce issues and trends and work collaboratively to address them.

Building a Regulatory System that enables recruitment businesses to thrive

  • Building on our previous consultation response, we will keep liaising with colleagues in BEIS and EAS to push for umbrella companies to be regulated. Our position on wanting a Single Enforcement Body remains and we will support the Director of Labour Market Enforcement to secure this

  • Campaign on behalf of the industry to ensure any EU derived law that is gotten rid of is replaced with new legislation that works for and benefits agencies and agency workers.

  • Continue to stand up for members in procurement negotiations with framework providers.

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