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About RSign

RSign® is the e-signature platform by RPost®. RSign® combines feature-richness with elegantly easy to use and more affordability at scale. Unique to RSign is its ability to make common e-signing simple, while at the same time, meeting all of your unique document, form, automation, or workflow scenarios. And, doing both in a much more affordable offering with friendly staff guiding you on how to get going.


RSign specialises in:

E-Signatures Made Simple. Simple e-sign user experience for sender and signer.

  • RSign makes it easy for signers to complete and sign documents using any desktop or mobile web browser in an intuitive, guided signing process. RSign includes a simpler user design, highly configurable user interface, sharable templates, real time reporting, and more.

Signature Certificate with Forensic Audit Trail. Records with the highest evidential legal weight.

  • RSign® patents create the most robust authenticatable audit trail embedded in the e-sign record. RSign returns a Signature Certificate that serves as a uniform, forensic record that can self-authenticate, re-constructing all transmission tracking, content, and timestamps regardless of recipient systems. The Signature Certificate, which is in a globally recognized evidence format, may be appended to the signed agreement.

Privacy with Encryption and RSign Inbox. E-Signatures built for GDPR privacy compliance. 

  • RSign® has several levels of security to choose from; encrypt the transmission to the recipient and return the signed agreements and forms encrypted, manage decryption password settings, create unique access codes for multi-factor signer authentication.

Enterprise-Grade Features at Affordable Cost. Every imaginable workflow setting simply included.

  • RSign brings expansive enterprise-grade features at an affordable cost; generally, half the cost of other full-service providers. RSign provides all the functionality that you will need at a lower cost and with a friendlier service experience.

Automation with Experts to Guide the Way. Rated “most helpful”; experts you will enjoy working with.

  • RSign® makes it easy to automate. Many customers choose RSign after reviewing the marketplace and realizing RSign teams are the most accommodating, flexible, and knowledgeable.

RSign's offerings to REC Members

​​​​RSign is available as a FREE service to all REC Members and Business Partners.

  • The free service allows members to use RSign E-Signatures and trial the service by sending up to 3 Envelopes per month. Competitive rates for larger licences are available.
  • A 10% discount is applied to RSign standard rate card, proving to be exceptional return on investment.


0203 633 3505
•The free service allows members to use RSign E-Signatures and trial the service by sending up to 3 envelopes per month. Competitive rates for larger licences are available.

•REC Members benefit from pricing that is approximately 50% of other E-Signature products on the market, yet enjoy a service with equivalent or better features and functionality.

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