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Jobs transform lives


Recruiters connect people with opportunities and make businesses more successful by helping them find the people they need to build a successful organisation. For a person with a criminal record, getting the right job can transform their life. It is a fact that one of the best ways to stop people getting in trouble again is to challenge the marginalisation and exclusion caused by past criminal behaviour.  Getting a job and having good relationships promotes a sense that you are part of society and have an investment in it. Paradoxically, failure to give people with convictions employment increases crime and costs society billions of pounds every year.

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  This short film featured on the BBC's Inside Out South West program.

After 30 years of being unemployed, and having been in prison a number of times, John Clarke won a short-term contract as a support worker at Exeter's homeless hostel. John says it has turned his life around. From sharing John's story,
we hope to encourage more and more recruiters and employers to Ban the Box. 
Image courtesy of the BBC.

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Access to wider talent pool


With candidate attraction getting more challenging and client expectations evolving, it’s essential that recruiters review their strategies and reinvigorate their processes. Expanding your candidate pool to include more people from under-represented groups is an important way in which you can meet client demand, fill skills shortages and add value. Most people are surprised to learn that about one-third of males in the United Kingdom have a criminal record of one kind or another. Far fewer women have a criminal record, perhaps around one in ten. Most convictions on most people’s records are associated with low level behaviour, prosecuted in the lower courts and typically attracting non-custodial sentences.

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Inclusive recruitment is becoming more important to clients

A succession of government reviews have highlighted the challenges faced by people with criminal records and the role of recruiters and employers in tackling this. More and more employers including Virgin Media, Ricoh, Gregg’s, Pret, the Civil Service and Boots are supporting to campaigns like See Potential, Ban the Box and Fair Chance Recruitment aimed at supporting the recruitment of people with criminal records. Understanding these initiatives and tailoring your processes will help you cater to your clients’ needs and win more business. 
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