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Introducing Feefo: the UK’s leading ratings and reviews platform used by more than 4,000 brands worldwide, with powerful tools to build trust and improve both the client and candidate experience. Use real-time insight from genuine candidates and clients to ensure a consistent delivery of service excellence, help you stand out from the competition and establish loyal brand advocates.

REC members receive the NPS (Net Promoter Score) module and client retention campaign FREE saving 25% on your monthly subscription. Feefo provides the following features and benefits as standard:  

• Feedback requests sent to candidate and clients at one or multiple touchpoints
• Full feedback customisation using Feefo Campaign Manager 
• Easy website review integration with full SEO benefits
• Live feed with Google for star seller ratings (Paid Google, Yahoo and Bing Ads) 
• Social media integration and push functionality 
• Feedback response portal 
• Full analytical and insight suite with feedback breakdown and trend analysis software
• Reports scheduler 
• Full onboarding and training workshops 

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)  NPS® is used by businesses worldwide to quickly identify satisfaction and loyalty. Referrals are a huge part of the recruitment process, and come off the back of delivering a great service, providing your agency with quality candidate potentials. 

Leveraging NPS® within Feefo allows your agency to identify brand promoters; a fantastic tool to increase the quality and quantity of referrals.

Take advantage of Feefo’s powerful reporting capabilities, allowing agencies to analyse and report on feedback by branch, sector, team and consultant at the click of a button. Our reporting tools include:  Trend analysis through Insight Tag Technology and NPS benchmarking to name a few. 

Start collecting reliable feedback to develop better relationships between candidates and clients, enhance trust in your brand and establish agency advocates to improve peer-to-peer recommendations.

Call 0203 362 4209 or email rec@feefo.com 
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