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Safer Recruitment Training

In addition to our extensive portfolio of training programmes available as an in-company option, we also offer an exclusive suite of in-company courses on Safer Recruitment.

These courses will ensure that your organisation has access to high quality training to help you put in place robust policies and procedures to recruit appropriate staff to work with children and/or vulnerable adults.

With the Government’s focus on safeguarding resulting in Child Sexual Exploitation being escalated to the level of a National threat in 2015, organisations need to ensure that they recruit the best skilled and most appropriate staff.  There are three courses available to support your strategies in relation to this:

Safer Recruitment
This course provides a thorough grounding in offender behaviour and safer recruitment processes. It is aimed at all organisations which recruit or supply staff to work with children or vulnerable adults.

Accredited Safer Recruitment Training, for the Education Sector
This course is approved by the Department for Education and aimed specifically at those organisations working in or supplying to the Education Sector.  Delegates are assessed throughout the day to provide certification which demonstrates competence in safer recruitment to Ofsted or other inspection bodies. The materials also covers the new statutory duty of ‘Prevent’, as outlined in DfE’s recent guidance.

Safer Recruitment and Warner Interview Training
This 1.5 day, more in-depth course is aimed at those organisations which recruit or supply staff to work with vulnerable children, this could be due to the vulnerability of the child i.e. those with disabilities or additional needs, or the nature of the setting for example residential or one to one settings.

What is Warner Interviewing and why use it?
“Arbitrariness, lack of information and inconstancy are the enemies of good staff selection” (Warner: Choosing with Care, 1992, para 4.1). This was the view of Lord Norman Warner, following a series of abuses in children’s residential settings. In his highly influential report, “Choosing with Care” he was critical of the way recruitment processes had “become so ineffective that they increased the risk of unsuitable appointments, and were contrary to the best interests of children” (Warner:  Choosing with Care, 1992, para 4.67). He recommended that a separate interview should be carried out by specially trained staff to test out motivation, boundaries, values and attitudes to strengthen the recruitment process.
The benefits of using a “Warner Interview” as part of a robust recruitment process have been recognised in many organisations.  Even if a candidate is the most knowledgeable, experienced and skillful, who would want to employ them if they were not appropriate to work with vulnerable children?  Warner proposed that interviews delve deeper into values and attitudes to better safeguard vulnerable children.  Including them in the process is recognised as a better and safer approach than relying on a formal interview, which statistically gives us approximately a 50% chance of getting the right person.  The more opportunity we have to see behaviour the better the recruitment decision will be and the more chance that we recruit someone aligned to organisational values and expectations and that they will stay with us. 

In the current climate where the DBS checking regime has been scaled back and it is hard to attract and retain good quality staff, building a Warner interview into the recruitment process will help us to ensure that we get the best person for the role.


All the courses will be delivered by Deborah Gregory, a leading accredited trainer in Safer Recruitment, with many years' experience of managing safe staffing, providing advice and guidance around safer recruitment and delivering safer recruitment and Warner interview training.



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