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Address systemic sexism with systemic solutions

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Written by Olga Franczak Programme Lead Equality Diversity and Inclusion

This International Women’s Day, I encourage the REC members and all employers to address systemic sexism with systemic solutions. While each employer is different, here are some suggestions on where to start (for the latest advice on improving your EDI practices in recruitment, check out our course ‘Handling difficult EDI conversations with clients’):

1. Understand the issue

When your sales are down, you don’t start randomly implementing different solutions- you first find out what and where the problem is. The same logic applies to workplace gender equality, you need to start by collecting data to understand the specific challenges in your organisation. This will help you devise a strategy, track progress and celebrate your successes!

2. Secure leadership buy-in

Senior leadership must play an active role in implementing gender equality across the organisation. This requires them to understand what it is and why it matters. Far too often, inclusion efforts are “done to the leadership team” without their active participation. Leadership buy-in will also help to mainstream gender equality across your business.

3. Dedicate resources

Include gender equality goals in your financial and people planning. Make sure you set aside appropriate resources to achieve your gender equality goals.

4. Sort out your own backyard before supporting your clients

Become a partner on your clients’ inclusion journey. But do not forget that the best “selling point” is your own success story. How can you convince clients you can deliver on their inclusion goals if you cannot showcase that you are doing it for your own business? If you need advice on how to bring up equality, diversity and inclusion with your clients, check out our new training course.

5. Keep up the learning mindset

Share your wins as well as challenges with your staff and wider community. Do not be afraid to receive critical feedback and change your approach along your journey. Keep checking our dedicated equality, diversity and inclusion page for the latest resources, including our EDI guide,  and our EDI training course to help you achieve your inclusion goals.