Tune in to temps

Tune in to temps: how employers and recruiters can support agency worker voice in the workplace

Promoting employee engagement allows organisations to benefit from greater productivity, innovation and commitment from staff. Previous research on staff engagement has focused on permanent employees, but agency workers are also a key part of the workforce, with the average length of assignment being 17 weeks (REC RITS 2014/15). The REC have partnered with the Involvement and Participation Association (IPA) to talk to employers, recruiters and their workers to explore how employee engagement can be promoted amongst agency workers.

Both agencies and host organisations should ensure that agency workers are treated with decency, compassion and respect, which they are as entitled to as any other employee. The REC has developed some key recommendations for both recruiters and employers so that they can understand the motivations of someone working in a flexible way and best support their needs to ensure high productivity among their temporary workforce. 

Tune in to Temps

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