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Recrutiment & Employment Confederation

Redefining your strategy for resilience: 8 November 2022

The road ahead may be bumpy but using data to anticipate future trends and adapting to market conditions require business leaders to flex your mindset and strategy.

This seminar will guide you through how you can redefine your strategy, so you're well-prepared for the challenges ahead and covers:

  • You are following your 3-year plan and there’s turbulence in your market: Do you change your plan?
  • When external forces create change, what happens to your strategy?
  • Why is strategy so important in the economic cycle?
  • Is your strategy strong enough to help you prosper?


Navigating the current shortages: 14 September 2022

The impact of skills shortages is staggering - on businesses, our economy, and our nation. At a time like this, how can you build a strategy to navigate the road ahead and realise your business growth plans?

This seminar will guide you through building an action plan for growth and cover:

  • Working on new ideas for your business and building a niche
  • Conducting scenario planning to evaluate your assumptions
  • Look at ways of expanding your business
  • Building candidate hot lists
  • Adapting to changes in candidate expectations

Is your business strategy fit for purpose? 26 July 2022

Your business strategy should be your roadmap, helping you navigate the gap between ambition and success. As the environment changes, your plans need to adapt and change. In this seminar, we discuss effective business strategies and how we can best adapt and, covers:

  • The latest data from the REC
  • Elements of an effective, agile business strategy
  • Tips on sharing your strategy with your team
  • Strategies for coping with uncertainty and change

Mentoring, Coaching and Training: 24 February 2022

Hear Richard Charnock, Heather Salway and Dave Pye kick off our 2022 Business Growth seminar series discussing ideas on setting your people development strategy for this year. You’ll hear about:

  • How to create a culture where learning is valued
  • What skills and behaviours do leaders need to develop
  • Different learning interventions you could consider
  • How coaching and mentoring fit into your development strategy.


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