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PayePass Software Solutions Ltd

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“We want a world where the contracting sector is free from the perils of tax avoidance and evasion schemes, mini-umbrella companies, skimming and holiday pay misconduct.  That’s why we scrutinise everything.”  

Julia Kermode, Chief Executive, PayePass

Who we are:

We are a technology business developed specifically for the temporary workforce sector.  With our unrivalled guarantee of tax compliance, we bring truly unique benefits to the entire supply chain.  This gives recruiters and their clients complete confidence that they are not being exposed to business-ending financial liabilities from their umbrella suppliers.

What we do:

PayePass Verify is an independent analytical financial audit of PAYE payroll.  Our unique approach combines bespoke auditing software, realtime analysis and traditional “eyes-on” accountancy auditing techniques, undertaken by regulated professionals.

Importantly, we are not just a payroll checker!

We analyse where the money goes before it even reaches payroll – because this is where any dubious practices such as tax avoidance, evasion or skimming will occur. 

We then follow the money through payroll and the outgoing payments to workers and HMRC.

By scrutinising the full journey of money from the moment it is received by an umbrella, through all aspects of the payment cycle, PayePass Verify guarantees that:

  • There is NO tax avoidance
  • There is NO tax evasion
  • There are NO unlawful deductions or payments
  • There is NO withholding of holiday
  • There is NO mini-umbrella company fraud

Not only that, our guarantee is insurance-backed up to £10m per claim. 

Why choose us:

Our in-house team is made up of industry experts with in-depth knowledge of the sector.  We adhere to Financial Reporting Council International Standard on Auditing (UK) 500, ensuring the most thorough payroll audit available in the UK, second to none. 

  • We audit every single payment being made, not just a sample
  • We audit everything financial taking place before and after payroll  (just looking at payroll in isolation is misleading)
  • We ensure that workers receive the correct pay
  • We ensure that HMRC is paid
  • We guarantee payments are processed properly, and this is backed by £10m insurance policy
  • We are not a tickbox exercise, we forensically audit everything and ensure there is nowhere to hide

If we discover any dubious activity through our audits, our T&Cs allow us to report the applicant to HMRC or other relevant authorities.  We are fiercely independent; we make our own decisions without any external influences. ​​​