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Recrutiment & Employment Confederation

PayePass Software Solutions Ltd

Who we are:

PayePass is a niche software development house that develops specifically for the temporary workforce sector, bringing truly unique compliance benefits to the entire supply chain.

With its Verify Auditing Module, we bridge the crucial missing gap between traditional compliance standards and employment businesses having complete confidence that they are not being exposed to unknown business ending financial liabilities from their umbrella PSL.

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What we do:

With PayePass undertaking an independent financial audit of an umbrella’s entire PAYE payroll functions using its Verify Module and eyes-on scrutiny, clients of PayePass Verify will be able to demonstrate to the entire supply that:

  • There is no tax avoidance

  • There is no tax evasion
  • There are no unlawful deductions or payments
  • They are not withholding holiday or other salary elements
  • They are not a cloned umbrella
  • They are not a mini umbrella
  • Employment business and their clients are not being exposed to potential financial liabilities and claims by candidates and or HMRC
  • The correctly calculated payments have been made to all intended beneficiaries

Why choose us:

PayePass Verify understands that ensuring all payroll calculations, deductions and payments are correct and that correct payments have been made can be challenging.

 How can REC members overcome the challenges? A Verify Award following a successful PayePass payroll audit is the solution.

 At no cost to members, their clients, or candidates, a Verify audit of an existing umbrella PSL and potential new additions to it will provide confidence that the umbrellas they deal with are lawfully processing the PAYE payroll for all candidates.




Your exclusive offer to REC members:

10% discount on all fees (standard and bespoke). Although umbrellas will remain the primary clients and the fee payer, agencies (or their clients) can if they so wish to instruct us to audit any number of umbrellas on their PSL or any to be added to it.
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