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04th Mar 2020
Business Advice
This is the final national speaking tour Greg Savage will ever do in the UK, so, don’t miss this
27th Nov 2019
REC View & Campaigns
We’ve spent over 100 hours consulting you and now, we can finally unveil the results!
05th Jul 2019
REC View & Campaigns
REC in the media week commencing 1 July 2019
06th Jun 2019
Business Advice
A summary of the Categories of the IRP Awards 2019
05th Mar 2019
Attracting talent
Your brand represents what your company stands for, so make sure that's reflective of what your
31st Jan 2019
Business Advice
There are around 28,220 recruitment agencies* in the UK – how do you stand out from the crowd?
05th Nov 2018
Attracting talent
Creating an effective content strategy requires careful thought and planning
13th Aug 2018
Business Advice
You can write. They can't. What's a recruitment marketer to do?
11th Jul 2018
Business Advice
For recruitment agencies eager to get the attention of candidates and clients, video will be a vital
02nd Jul 2018
Legal Eagle
Can Dave continue to use his cool marketing machine now that GDPR is law?
11th Jun 2018
Attracting talent
Recruiters need to shift their minds on content. Brand awareness is seldom about ‘getting your
22nd May 2018
Attracting talent
Google for Jobs is coming to the UK - but the recruitment industry has literally nothing to fear
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