The REC Technology Sector Group provides specialist support and advice to recruitment agencies working in all areas of computing, communications and IT, from hardware to website development, through telecoms and IT security.

With over 500 members, the group represents a large proportion of the recruitment companies in the country that have a focused approach to the provision of Technology specialists throughout the UK. 

The REC Technology Sector Group aims to set increasingly high standards of professional practice and ethical values throughout the industry. We want to be the focal point for the communication and supply of information throughout the industry. We ensure our policies reflect the views and needs of our members and promote those views to government and industry. We strive to not only continuously improve the value members derive from the sector, but also strengthen our standing as the recognised representative body for the Technology recruitment industry in the UK.

Security Clearance Code:

The REC has partnered with the Cabinet Office and other stakeholders to develop a code of practice. This aims to make sure that technology sector recruiters are not excluded from supplying contractors into the civil service because they do not have the relevant security clearance - except in very rare instances where the placement is genuinely urgent and of short duration. The Code sets out the recommended best practice for government departments, recruiters and contractors. As well as recommending that government departments have adequate succession planning processes in place to avoid short-term and unrealistic timescales when it comes to finding the right people. The guidance also states that recruiters should not shortlist based on a candidate's pre-existing security clearance status. The Cabinet Office's Code of Practice for recruiting for vacancies requiring National Security Clearance is available here.


Join the REC Technology sector group:

If you are interested in joining the REC Technology sector group, contact your REC Account Manager by calling 0207 009 2100 or by emailing

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