Tulip Ltd is the UK’s leading food solutions business,supplying all major food retailers, wholesalers and foodservice companies witha wide range of quality products. We provide consumers with a comprehensiverange of products in four key mega-categories - fresh meat & sausage, bacon& gammon, cooked meat, and convenience & snacking. Our farm-to-forkoperation is unique in the industry, while our strategic framework putscustomers, product, efficiency and people at the heart of everything we do, allwith a view to growing responsibly. As part of the Danish Crown Group, thelargest pork provider in Europe and the biggest exporter of pork in the world,Tulip Ltd is well-placed to deliver its ambitious plans for sustainable growth.Tulip is divided into four divisions, Fresh, Tulip Food Company, Dalehead andBQP.

We are joining the Good Recruitment Campaign to help usinitially benchmark our current recruitment methods and support us with ourstrategy to attract the right people and be the envy of our talent pipeline. Wehope that joining will also provide us with some useful tools and a largenetwork of HR/In-house recruitment professionals who we can tap into as well asbenefiting from workshops, conferences, peer-reviews, self-assessment tools.

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