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Scale Up Live: The Future of Jobs

What kind of post-Brexit jobs market do we want to see in 2025? In the next seven years, how can government, business and the recruitment industry work together to build the best job market in the world? This is the core question at the heart of the REC's high profile Future of jobs commission and will drive high-energy discussions at our Scale-Up event on October 19. 

Automation, demographic shifts, new business models, evolving employee expectations and the post-Brexit economic landscape will all shape the UK jobs market. As well as providing an overview of the key recommendations from our Future of jobs commission, the event on October 19 will focus on the practical implications for recruiters of all sizes and across all sectors looking to build ambitious plans for the future. 


Specific areas we will be covering include: 

What is our vision for a future UK jobs market and our industry’s place within it? 

How can recruiters use the findings from the Future of jobs commission for their own strategic planning? 

What innovative public policy approaches will be needed to enable progression despite an increasing ‘hollowing-out’ of the labour market? 

How can recruiters facilitate new career paths and help build bridges into better jobs? 

How are employer hiring strategies likely to evolve and how can recruiters support this evolution?

How can recruiters seize new opportunities in high-disruption sectors and how will AI, algorithms and automation impact on recruitment processes?  

How might innovative disruption impact on the recruitment sector and what do we want our industry to look like in 2025?  

The best way to pre-empt the future is to create it. 

Join us at Scale-Up ‘Future of jobs’ on October the 19th to exchange views, hear from leading labour market experts and take away new ideas about how to develop your business and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. 


Book now to secure your place. 

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