Starting up a recruitment business

6.     Setting up your office

Virtual or premises – that is the question. These days most recruitment businesses are set up virtually - but is working at home the right environment for you? Some may prefer a separate working space to keep them motivated. A guide to setting up an office is provided as part of our start-up course.


7.     What technology do you need?

All great businesses require great technology, but what are the tools that will help your business succeed? Common technology which includes front and back office support software is a good option, plus payroll services, a CRM database and a website. Do some market research and look at what works well for your competitors.

 Startup - Technology

8.     Insuring your business

All recruitment businesses require legal expenses insurance. There are many providers and you should shop around to find the best cover for your business. As part of REC membership LEI insurance is provided as a benefit. You can find out more about it here.


9.     Rules and regulations

Recruiters are bound by law to meet certain standards, and this is the most important thing to get right. We distilled the key things you need to know about UK recruitment industry regulation into this factsheet, to help explain the various legislation which covers the recruitment industry, and to show how these regulations are enforced.   


Startup Tip - REC Membership


10.  Join the REC for ongoing business support and to demonstrate your commitment to professional standards 

An REC membership will enable you to stand out from the crowd, giving you a distinctive voice and winning you more business. We are leading the campaign to build the best recruitment industry in the world, being the only professional body to require every candidate to take an online test before granting full membership. Once a member of the REC, you’ll have access to the most current research on all legislative and economic developments, along with advice and support from top legal experts and leading industry professionals. 



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