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Keywords To Find The Best Candidates

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Guest blog by Matthew Last, Operations Manager at Sitewizard.

Do you know what candidates are typing into Google to find the roles you have available? The reality is you don’t have to guess. The technology is in place for you as a recruiter to find out what keyterms candidates are searching and even how difficult it would be to get your website above your competition, so they find you rather than the recruiter down the road. Let me explain below how you can do this in 3 simple steps.  

Step 1 – Finding Your Keyterms

There are three ways I would recommend looking for what keyterms you should target.

  1. Use the keyword planner within Google Ads. If you type in terms related to the roles you are advertising (10 max), then Google Ads will suggest a list of keyterms you should target even letting you know on average how many monthly searches they get. You can then download these suggested keyterms into a CSV file.
  2. If you are already advertising on Google Ads, you could download a search terms report of what search terms have worked for you in the past.
  3. If you have Google Search Console enabled, you can find a list of all the keyterms you are being found naturally for under the ‘performance’ tab.  

No matter what option you choose above, review the keyterms and keep a list of the ones that are relevant. Remember, this isn’t what you would search. Imagine you are someone searching for the position you have available. What would they search?

Step 2 – Competition

You’ve now got a list of keyterms you feel are relevant to your business and the roles you have available. Now look at your competition and see how they are advertising the role. What type of language are they using – is it salesy, informative? How well is the page laid out? It’s time to make sure your page is better than theirs. Remember, Google is looking to place the most relevant web page to the keyterm the potential candidate has typed in. You’ve got to make sure your page is better in terms of content but also other things such as making sure your website is secure, loads quickly etc.

Don’t worry about the above from a technical perspective. Every good search marketing agency will take care of this for you. But even though they will, I personally think its still important for you the website owner to look at your competition. Would you apply for a job from your website? If not, its time to look at this.

You can also use several tools to analyse the keyterms you have found against your competition. You can use great tools like Moz or alternatively some marketing agencies have their own tool. SiteWizard, who are a Business Partner of the REC, have their own tool they can use to analyse your site for you.

Step 3 – Review and analyse

You’ve now analysed all the keyterms that are relevant to your business. You have probably found a selection of keyterms that are competitive and some that are not so competitive. Depending on the campaign, I would recommend you start off with a selection of keyterms to target. Some that are more long terms and some that are not so competitive so you can start seeing the benefits of your campaign sooner rather than later.

It's important to remember search volumes will change throughout the year so its important to keep on top of what keyterms you are targeting. Also, think of how the job roles you are advertising have changed. I have no doubt back in 2019, you barely had any (if any) roles that offered ‘working from home’ but now that has changed. Make sure the keyterms are relevant.

Talk to SiteWizard

If you are serious about getting found higher up on the search engines for the vacancies you provide, you need to talk to SiteWizard. SiteWizard have been helping business succeed online for almost 26 years with both web design and marketing. They have recently come on board as a Business Partner for the REC and offer a variety of marketing services from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to a Google Ads Management Service.

At no cost to you, they will do a free report analysing the above for you helping you find the right keyterms for your business. If you did want to take them up on either of their search marketing services, as a REC member, you will be entitled to a 25% discount for the first 6 months you are on board.

This is a guest blog contribution for the REC website. The views expressed by guest writers reflect the individual's personal opinions.