Salaries and benefits are the heart of any recruitment conversation. Croner SalarySearch has up-to-date data on thousands of different job roles nationwide.

What does it feature?

Croner SalarySearch features data for roles across a wide variety of industries and sectors nationwide.

REC members will be able to tailor their searches to suit their organisation, client or candidate requirements.

The data is easy to access, free from bias, and updated regularly.

SalarySearch is available to REC members at an exclusive preferential rate. 


How do I sign up for SalarySearch?  

Contact your account manager on 0207 009 2100  or fill out this simple online form to start your registration. 


Not an REC member?

If you're interested in enjoying the full benefits of the REC's strategic alliance with Croner, become an REC member. Register your interest here. 

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