Essential business tools

SafeCheck is a complete review of your business’s health and safety performance. It includes a tour of your premises and a thorough review of any pertinent documents. Croner’s health and safety experts will identify areas for improvement, give practical advice, and deliver a full written assessment of your business. Free until 31 March 2018*.
Salaries and benefits form the heart of every recruitment conversation. SalarySearch features data for roles across a wide variety of industries and sectors nationwide. You will be able to tailor your searches to suit your organisation, client, or candidate requirements. The data is easy to access, free from bias, and updated regularly. Free until 30 June 2018*.
Legal expenses insurance 
Even a regulated business can find itself faced with the worry and potential expense of a tribunal case, tax enquiry, or legal dispute. Your REC Legal Expenses Insurance* is the ultimate safety net. It saves your business money by managing your risk, giving you peace of mind.
Settlements and Forecast
Your Settlements and Forecast report provides a monthly update about pay and benefit movements
*Terms and conditions apply

REC premium products  


REC members will receive discounts on the following paid-for products:

Croner OnSite

One of Croner’s legal experts will visit your business and help resolve any conflicts and disputes.

Online job evaluation tool

The perfect tool for clients looking to build the right job specifications, benchmarked across a variety of industries.

Market rate report

An independent review of roles, provides information on quartile pay ranges and typical benefits packages. 


To find out more about Croner's range of premium products, fill out our simple registration form or contact your account manager on 0207 009 2100.

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