The growing pressures on the NHS - is now the time to consider private healthcare? Punter Southall Health & Protection - REC business partner save REC members an average of 25% on their annual healthcare premiums

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Tuesday, 05 September 2017

It’s been impossible to avoid recent headlines focusing on the mounting pressures upon NHS services. The warning given earlier this year from the Red Cross – regarded by many as unprecedented – that hospitals in England are facing a ‘humanitarian crisis’ has been considered a ‘wake-up call’ for drastic action to be taken to support. Many doctors and healthcare professionals have also voiced their concerns that lives are being put at risk because A&E departments are being overwhelmed by patient numbers.

Figures from NHS Improvement revealed that since the start of December 2016, only 82.3% of patients who attended A&E were seen within the set four hour target. The worst performance since the target was introduced in 2004. But what is the solution for people who need to access healthcare services?

The NHS undoubtedly does its best to meet growing demand for its services but having to provide care within such tight budgets means that there can often be waiting times to see GP's and specialists. In certain cases expensive drugs cannot be afforded by NHS Trusts.  As a result, some people are now considering the security of Private Medical Insurance (PMI) as an alternative option. 

Private Medical Insurance is a policy that provides quick access to leading UK medical care and hospitals. PMI has changed in recent years in order that policies work to compliment and improve the NHS rather than acting as a replacement. 

For example, many policies include access to a Private GP so that initial period of worry from feeling unwell and waiting to see your GP is eliminated and you are referred to a specialist, if required, more quickly.  Some medical policies can also provide the ability to get second opinions and in some cases will offer access to the most expensive cancer drugs.

Dedicated healthcare services for REC members

As a REC member, you have access to specialist healthcare services. We’ve partnered with award-winning employee benefits advisers, Punter Southall Health & Protection, to ensure that you have expert healthcare advice on hand, whenever you need it. So, if you’re considering private medical insurance for the first time, they will complete a full and comprehensive review of the market for you and recommend a policy that best suits your specific requirements.

And, if you already have insurance in place, the team at Punter Southall Health & Protection can assess your current arrangements to ensure your requirements are still being met and you’re not paying for cover you don’t need. In 2016, they saved REC members an average of 25% on their annual healthcare premiums.

To find out more or to discuss your healthcare needs, please contact or call 01274 588862.

Contact: Richard Gould

Phone: 01274 588862

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