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Tuesday, 04 September 2018

New video explaining the benefits of apprenticeship training for recruitment businesses

Earlier this year, research brought to light that a year after the government’s apprenticeship levy was introduced, around 90% of business paying the levy had yet to spend it. The apprenticeship levy is taken from qualifying businesses in the form of monthly payments which are deposited into ring-fenced apprenticeship accounts. And while contributions have been compulsory since the scheme’s inception in April 2017, many firms don’t realise that they stand to lose money from their pot if it isn’t spent within two years on government-approved apprenticeship training courses. 

It is also not widely known that apprenticeship funding can be used to train existing as well as new employees and that older employees, including managers, can be trained in this way. 

solvo vir video
Hear how specialist training provider, Solvo Vir works with recruitment firms advising on the ins and outs of the levy and bringing expert recruitment trainers into their businesses to upskill staff

Apprenticeship qualifications for the recruitment industry were officially approved in December 2017 and one of the first training providers approved to deliver apprenticeships for those working in recruitment firms and in-house recruiters was Manchester-based Solvo Vir

Ruth Maskrey is one of the firm’s specialist trainers, who has tutored over 40 recruiters on apprenticeship training courses. A former recruiter herself, Ruth says: 

“The advantages of people taking apprenticeships really is the fact that staff are being assessed and trained by people who have the knowledge and skills and they know how to actually get them through and support them through to the end of the qualification.”  

An enthusiastic proponent of the apprenticeships scheme and the levy is Sally Strutt, Head of HR at Rethink in Manchester and one of Solvo Vir’s clients. She says of the levy: 

“It’s a win/win situation as far as I can see. We are paying this money into an account, we want to get a return on it, we don’t want to see that lost. This is an opportunity to invest in our employees, to support them in their development and engage them as well.”

Leap29 is a global recruitment agency, with its headquarters in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Leap29 has worked with Solvo Vir to train over a third of its workforce in specialist recruitment qualifications. Director, Nathan Ward is another fan of the apprenticeships programme, who emphasises the value of investing in staff:

“My advice to other companies is to understand what the levy can do for them.” 

Watch this short video to learn how Solvo Vir’s industry-focussed training courses help recruiters and recruitment businesses become more competitive in the marketplace and more attractive to employees. Watch the video >

To find out more about the apprenticeship levy and recruitment training courses for recruiters, call 0330 0539140 or email

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