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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), the professional body for the UK recruitment industry, has unveiled people platform Bob - the transformative HR management tool - as its latest business partner.

As well as making Bob’s innovative technology available to the REC’s 3,500 members, the organisation is also adopting the platform itself to manage its own HR requirements.

Bob, which was founded just three years ago, has already won the business of more than 300 companies thanks to its unique combination of core HR capabilities and innovative benefits and engagement tools. The platform helps companies better understand their workforce, drive engagement, boost internal culture and improve retention.

Neil Carberry, REC Chief Executive said:

“One of the core aims of the REC is to drive best practice in all areas of the industry, as well as helping recruitment firms address the challenges they face. With the fast paced nature of the industry there is no question that culture, retention and benefits are an area where we need collectively to do more and Bob can play a significant role.

“One of the reasons we’ve adopted Bob ourselves at the REC is that it will allow us to engage with our own teams and understand what they want and need in their roles, and making changes to ensure we remain one of the very best places to work. With recruitment known to be an intense profession, this is exactly the kind of approach the industry needs to take as a whole.”

Bob is changing the way HR departments communicate with employees, and is moving the industry away from traditional task based systems to ones that put the person at the centre. The platform can tackle everything from retention challenges to employee satisfaction as well as replacing existing HR systems and processes.

Bob’s highly personalised interface - which meets the standard today’s workforce expects from technology - allows companies to capture what their employees want and need from every aspect of their role, from social experiences and perks all the way through to the full suite of financial benefits including pensions.

Joel Farrow, Bob’s Managing Director in the UK & Europe said:

“Recruitment is exactly the kind of industry Bob has been built to serve. It’s fast growing and agile, with people moving between roles very rapidly. With the industry valued at £32 billion, recruitment agencies need to be able to engage, manage and retain people as best they can. Fortunately Bob offers a whole suite of tools and service that allow them to do exactly that.”

Bob gives companies the ability to ‘map’ their employees and understand everything from the average commute time to overall company diversity. As well as providing a platform to manage the day to day working environment, the platform partners with external providers to deliver benefits, including Private Medical Insurance and pensions, directly via the platform.


Find out more about Bob's offer to our members here.

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