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Friday, 11 May 2018

Communication tools are business critical for recruitment organisations. When moving office it’s important to keep the business ‘open as usual’ with all lines of communication reactive and operational to clients and candidates whenever they need to contact you.

Those still using the traditional PBX phone system would have to factor in moving the system to the new location. This could subject a business to a period of communications downtime which affects both services to clients and customers, these are missed opportunities. The long term perceptions of the efficacy of a company can be effected by even a short term downtime of service.

Telecoms downtime is a difficult thing to get around, and even with careful planning, it is not always possible to avoid it. PBX is fast becoming an outdated system, often requiring high levels of maintenance, lower levels of productivity, and ultimately a decline in profits as a result of these factors combined. This is why moving office is the best time to re-evaluate your communication network and think about moving to hosted, or Cloud, communications. 

Switching to the Cloud and hanging up your traditional PBX system can have huge benefits for your business. While the traditional PBX was desk based, hosted voice solutions allow for flexible working and collaboration, unifying desk and mobile devices with voice, video, instant messaging and virtual meeting rooms. Cloud based systems usually end up being more cost effective because of the simpler subscription models and savings from the freedom from hardware purchase or maintenance, since the service is not performed locally. Other advantages include:

- Work anywhere and on any device
- Increase resilience and high levels of security
- Frees up your recruiters time spent on infrastructure to concentrate more on your clients and placing candidates

Ditching your on premise PBX system for a unified communications platform will help to keep your business ahead of the curve, promote agile working and ensure that every client and candidate can reach you anywhere, on any device. 

Get in touch with RedstoneConnect on 0208 661 4652 and ask our experts about the value of unified communications. REC members receive exclusive offers, find out more at  

Contact: Alex Parker

Phone: 0208 661 4652

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