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Friday, 16 June 2017

Do you really need to be background checking your applicants?

A high percentage of CVs contain inaccuracies and that's often the basis on which you are recruiting new staff into your business. When taking on new staff, it's important to be confident they can do the job you need them to do and have the relevant experience and skills required. What's more important is the trust you bestow on all new employees.

Your new employee is an ambassador of your business, its values and, ultimately, its success. Many employees either directly or indirectly have access to the heart of your business, the very things it will succeed or fail upon. This could be trade secrets, proprietary IP or customer data just as a few examples.

So, what can a background check do for your business?

Thorough pre-employment screenings and background checks ensures your business recruits employees who are both qualified for the position and give you confidence in their integrity. Employment vetting protects your business, your shareholders and your customers from poor work and fraud, whilst also protecting other employees.

Not just any screening solution will do. No matter what industry you are in, you need a company that provides a wide range of background checking services including ongoing screening, even after employment. You also need a company that cares about the service it delivers to you and your applicants. 

About giant screening

We've been delivering compliance to clients since 1992. With giant screening, we offer you the very best technology and operational support to deliver pre-employment screening and background checking. Why? To enhance your business – from candidate on-boarding through to lasting brand success. We're here to ensure that your candidate's experience is positive, your organisation is protected, and the time to hire is simply right.

If you want to focus more time on your core business and have excellent support on your background checking requirements, contact us today. For a free consultation to review your current processes, email or call 020 7167 4692

Contact: Michael Tobin

Phone: 020 7167 4692

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