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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

When you’re expanding your business to the US, you need to think about the best location to set up in. With an abundance of data now available to us, it is important to take a data-driven approach to this process. With this in mind, Precision Global Consulting have put together a heat map showing which states in the US they see the most, and the least, on-boards.



Whilst this data isn’t an overall reflection of the United States contingent workforce, it does give a high-level view of which states are engaged in the highest level of contingent work. Each US state varies in many aspects, from laws and taxes to talent pool and time zone, so you’ll need to do thorough research before making any business-decisions. By doing so, you will be best placed to focus on establishing in a market that will support your business as it grows.




When we look at the heatmap, we can see that:


  1. IT professionals make up 44% of our workforce. These workers are being placed into a variety of end-clients across different industries, which is in part down to agencies focusing on a niche technology or skill set. A good example of this is a company like Sales force which services multiple different industries.


  1. We can also see that California, Texas and the North Eastern region all have a high concentration of workers placed, but what the map doesn’t show is the growth potential of states such as Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Less workers have been on boarded in these states but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t workers to place.


  1. Our heatmap shows on-boards across the U.S. but Canada also holds potential opportunities, particularly around Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is PGC’s fourth most populous area in terms of workers placed, with Ontario coming in at 5th place at the state/province level.


Location, location, location


Besides the potential for placements, you’ll need to consider your target market and growth potential in different states and cities, as well as varying tax rates, filing fees, infrastructure and geographic coverage.Considering how a time zone overlaps with your existing business hours and the availability of talent in your specific industry are also important factors in identifying the right area. It’s good to ask yourself some questions and to consider where you see the future of your business:


  • Are there good local universities to hire your internals as you grow?
  • Does your chosen sector have growth prospects or is it in state of decline?
  • Does a potential location match with your chosen sector in terms of demand from clients and a supply of candidates?
  • What is the level of competition in your area and how saturated the market is.


If you’d like to find out more about how PGC can help you with your US expansion, get in touch with one of the team at, or take a look at the PGC website here

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