Data-driven analytics - are job boards working for your recruitment agency?

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Thursday, 31 May 2018


Job boards are now an important part of the recruitment process. With the dawn of the digital age, the primary way in which candidates interact with recruitment is through online job boards to find their desired roles. Traditional job advertising in newspapers is now a thing of the past, but there is just one main problem with the service moving online: with thousands of job boards to choose from, how do you decide which one works the best for you?


Rather than relying on job boards themselves to give you this information, companies can take advantage of data-driven analytics that generate recommendations on which board is the most beneficial. Big data is revolutionising the recruitment industry, and much of it is being collated within specific job distribution software to find and hire the best possible talent. Companies are now investing in technology that enables them to analyse the huge amount of online applications according to the skills, experience, and requirements stated in job descriptions. However, organising big data is not just beneficial for the CV analysing process; by using the power of analytics and statistics you can get information about which platform (whether a standardised job board or even social media page) is most likely to generate the most applications, and in return, the most hires.


With analytics paving the way forward for businesses to establish their ROI, the recruitment industry is best placed to use this much needed information in driving lead generation. Along with analysing recruitment trends, the information aids in understanding candidate behaviour to model recruitment processes. The question then still remains – how well do you know your candidates, and is your job board of choice the right one to attract your talent? 

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