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Updatedge provides free unlimited use of the Updatedge portal for all recruiters. REC members using the API are offered a 50% price reduction for data usage for the first 120 days, with 5 days free API consultation & implementation support; normally charged at or £800 per day.

Additionally, REC members using the Portal “Teams” feature used to share availability of contacts and offers between selected team members, extended for free for 21 days to 120 days.  

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Software, Back Office, CRM, Technology

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Updatedge is for temp agencies to make more bookings and money quicker, using accurate availability and no longer needing to chase or record workers changing availability

An easy to implement plugin for agencies to receive orders, send offers, increase bookings and reduce administration making more money.

It is an open platform for any agencies or hirers using temps, with a mobile app for workers to share availability with and receive offers from their contacts. 

Users can see any connected workers accurate availability and send offers.  

updatedge is available via the online portal www.portal.updatedge.com or as a subscription to the open API.  The service is implemented with minimal disruption to existing CRM systems, instantly increasing orders directly from hirers and reducing admin costs. 

Agencies get an increasing number of orders directly from hirers, the recruitment consultants or workers have introduced the updatedge service to. 

Hirers use the service in alliance with their agencies, connecting to their preferred agency workers.  Users can invite anybody, see who is available; send offers, select from applicants, confirm the orders to the workers and agencies. 

The service builds agency loyalty from hirers and workers by enabling greater choice and control that leads to more orders from happier clients to recruitment consultants.


Telephone number 0207 846 4098

Website link:  www.updatedge.com

Contact name: Mark Payne 

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