The Recruitment Network

The Recruitment Network

REC and The Recruitment Network working together to help businesses prosper - read the full press release here.

Limited time offer: TRN World goes free!

To support all those recruitment leaders out there who need as much guidance, support, advice and help to navigate during these extraordinary times, The Recruitment Network has now made full, unlimited access to completely free for you and for all your employees, wherever they may be working from. Visit to sign up for free.

They'll be adding new content daily and will shortly be releasing a document helping recruitment business leaders navigate these difficult times.

About The Recruitment Network

The Recruitment Network is the fastest growing, inclusive network for recruitment leaders who want to improve the performance of their businesses, increase profitability and productivity, and maximise shareholder value. 

Our objective is simple - to use the power of collaboration to enable our members to outperform the rest of the market, and recruitment leaders who join the network do so via either our online community, TRNWorld or by getting involved in the full UK Club itself .

By working together, the REC and TRN aim to improve and expand the level of support and advice available to recruiters across the UK. 

Recruiters who are interested in growing and improving their business can now benefit from:

  • Products and services to improve performance, such as business leadership training and consultancy services
  • Expertise in diagnostics, mentorship and strategic advisory services
  • 15% off TRN World and TRN Club membership fees
  • Access to a range of peer to peer networking events throughout the year.

REC members will enjoy further discounts on all TRN services and products whilst members of TRN will in return gain access to unique member concessions and a wider suite of support services, such as legal advice, financial audit and training, delivered by the REC.

All members of the REC are invited to join the TRNWorld network for free. In addition, all REC members receive 15% discount on annual membership to both The Recruitment Network Club and /or the full TRNWorld club.

Find out more by contacting your Account Manager.  

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