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Cybercrime threatens everyone

Our advice is not to wait, but take action now


Cybercrime is a big growth industry, operating globally, and targeting tens of thousands of UK businesses, big and small, every day. Thousands of these attacks are successful, and when they are, it can create havoc.

Loss of client and candidate data, financial and intellectual property theft, damage to your reputation, legal action by the regulator, fines and compensation claims are all real and present risks. Not to mention the cost and disruption.

Many recruitment businesses are dangerously under protected and it’s a sobering fact that 86% of the victims of cybercrime already have some computer security in place.

 It's time to find out just how vulnerable you are

REC’s cybersecurity partners, Mitigo, give businesses the best possible protection by applying the three, vital key pillars of cybersecurity – technology, people and governance.

They can work with you to assess your vulnerability to attack, make sure you have systems in place to make you really secure, train your people, and provide the policies, tools, checks and ongoing support to keep you secure.

As well as protecting your business, they can also put you in control via a comprehensive, easy to use digital management platform, and they can deliver all this for a single, affordable fixed monthly fee.

So if you’re concerned about cybersecurity, our advice is simple:


Get the right protection and get on with your business


“Our cybersecurity partners, Mitigo, provide managed affordable protection to REC members to counter the threat of cybercrime. We work with them to ensure specialist cybersecurity support for our members.” Neil Carberry, Chief Executive, Recruitment & Employment Confederation


For an independent, impartial and confidential consultation, talk to Mitigo direct: call 0161 88 33 180, email 

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