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Liquid Friday

Member offer  

Liquid Friday’s exclusive offers for REC members: 

● Free IR35 planning, including advice on feepayer and deemed payment solutions
● Discounted invoice factoring and finance


Business bio

Liquid Friday is a leading FCSA accredited provider of umbrella and business support services.


Established in 2006, we have built our reputation for personal, straight-talking service and being thought-leaders for the flexible employment industry. More recently, we are the only umbrella company who can demonstrate a proven track record in deemed payment services. 


Contractors choose us because we put them first and recruiters work with us because we bring fundamental value to their businesses, that can be measured in both time and money. 

We’ll always go the extra mile for our contractors and agency partners, be that with bespoke pay runs, pay advances or out of hours contact times. 

We can also help REC members stay on top of new or existing legislative requirements, including IR35, GDPR and AWR, but also government initiatives, like The Good Work Plan.  

Contact details 


Call: 02392 883300


Liquid Friday and REC - a powerful new business partnership

Leading contractor services company Liquid Friday has announced that it has joined forces with the REC as one of their selected business partners, with a pledge to support the organisation’s members during what may be a turbulent period ahead for the recruitment industry. 

Liquid Friday’s Head of Group Operations, Joe Taffurelli, welcomed the new partnership as a winning combination:

“We’re delighted to be selected as business partners to the REC and we’re looking forward to building high value, lasting relationships with members and supporting them in reaching their strategic goals in the months and years to come. 

The REC’s commitment to compliance and best practice really mirrors our own company values, so we feel this partnership is an ideal fit. It comes at a time when recruiters are considering how they manage the impact of the IR35 off-payroll changes next year - that’s an area where we have considerable experience and insight to share with REC member agencies.”

Experience and service
Liquid Friday is an FCSA accredited provider of umbrella and business support services, which has been serving the contractor recruitment sector since 2006, with a reputation for personal, straight-talking service and being a voice for the flexible employment industry. 

Based in Portsmouth, the company currently supports 4000+ contractors across more than 400 recruitment agencies and intermediaries.

The friendly Head Office team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer care in all dealings with contractors and agency partners, with the ethos that great people deserve great service.

Knowledge and insight
One of the ways that Liquid Friday hopes to engage with REC members is by supporting them through changes in legislation which can be a barrier to growth for recruiters.  

In particular they bring to the table extensive insight and experience of IR35, having already helped  thousands agencies (and their clients) steer a clear path through the off payroll reforms, with bespoke advice, training and compliant, risk-free solutions.

Never a company to stand still,  Liquid Friday was the first provider to facilitate deemed payment services in the public sector when IR35 changes hit the public sector in 2017. 

Exclusive offers for REC members
As REC business partners, Liquid Friday are committed to helping members in the smooth running of their businesses, and the achievement of their goals. 

Exclusive offers will change with the business needs of REC members, with LIquid Friday currently providing the following benefits for members:

● Free IR35 planning consultation, including advice on freepayer and deemed payment solutions. 

● Discounted invoice factoring and finance.

This statement we have up there is from Neil C

Further information and enquiries

Contact: Joe Taffurelli , Head of Group Operations
Telephone: 02392 883300

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