Developing a wellness strategy

Employee wellbeing is a growing priority for UK businesses

Employee health and wellbeing is firmly on the agenda of many companies. Our recent research  in partnership with the Reward and Employee Benefits Association (REBA) that a nearly half of organisations (48.9%) have a wellbeing strategy in place. Of those without a current strategy, half plan to introduce one this year.

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The latest findings 

• Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) continue to be the most popular wellbeing initiative, provided by 93% of organisations

• Where employers have a wellbeing plan in place, median spend per employee is £26-£50

• 72.8% of respondents said a high pressure work environment is the biggest threat to staff wellbeing

• However, Boards say their biggest priority is mental health with 59.7% saying this is their top wellbeing concern

• Wellbeing strategies increasingly tackle mental health – 84.1% of plans address mental health in 2018, compared to 78.9% in 2016

• But only 15.8% of organisations have a defined mental health strategy in place

• 26.8% of respondents still do not measure the impact of actions on health and wellbeing
[1] Employee Wellbeing Research 2018: Howemployers, CEOs and government are driving new agendas

• Over two thirds of respondents provide employer-paid private medical insurance for at least some of their employees

• More than half of respondents pay for income protection cover for at least some employees.

Don’t forget that as an REC member, you can download your free copy of the research here.

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