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REC Business Partners are selected for their ability to deliver a unique, specialised offering exclusive to REC Members. So whether you’re looking for a better and more comprehensive insurance offering, recruitment software or flexible meeting venues for your business, there is a business partner to suit your needs. and saves member agencies time and hassle bringing together specialist suppliers to the industry in one place.

REC Business Partners are carefully selected for their relevance and experience in the recruitment industry and must satisfy a number of pre-requisites before being accepted as REC Business Partners.

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The REC works with suppliers to the recruitment industry in a number of different ways and there are a variety of different communications channels for which the REC can support your requirements.  Become a partner or sponsor - we can support you. Find out more. 

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    REC business partner offers advice to REC members on 1 million subscribers to the "Update Service" can register for a new yearly update for a new DBS check

    1 Million Subscribers

    The Disclosure and Barring Service, back in 2013 created a service called ‘Update Service‘ where the individual, upon receipt of a new DBS within the last 30 days, can register for a yearly update for a new DBS check.

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    REC business partner Giant Plc offers advise to REC members on "Averting Fraud in the Recruitment Process"

    According to research, your company faces a higher risk from employee fraud than they do from external fraud.

    Internal fraud occurs when a member of staff or applicant makes false representation, wrongfully fails to disclose information, abuses a position of trust for personal gain, or causes loss to others. This can range from compromising customer or payroll data to inflating expenses and theft. Sometimes it's an unplanned, opportunistic attack purely for personal or financial gain, but sometimes it's linked to a serious and organised criminal network, even terrorist financing.

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    Cataphract Ltd REC business partner ranked within the top 4% of DBS umbrella partners in the UK

    We are proud to announce that Cataphract are ranked in the top 4% in the country for DBS applications submitted from April 2016 to March 2017. There are 3,246 registered DBS umbrella companies in the country so this puts us in the top 150.

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    REC business partner Giant Plc offer REC members advice on Social Media Screening

    Should you conduct social media screening? 

    Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, plus many more are now household names for everyone from Generation Z to Millennials, through to the silver surfers. Not long ago, we were starting to see the rise of social medial with the use of Myspace as a communication method that was relatively unknown. Today, social media is everywhere, along with this rise comes many new benefits and challenges for employers. One in particular is the use of social media in the hiring process. Officially, companies use it as an effective tool to identify and attract new talent, but there is also a significant number using it unofficially as a tool to aid their recruitment decision. 

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