Your Audited Toolkit

Welcome to the REC Audited Toolkit. This toolkit has been designed to support recruitment businesses like you, champion your status as an REC Audited or Audited Education holder.

We know recruitment businesses want to be seen as the best by their clients, attract the best staff and place the best talent. REC Audited or Audited Education proves that you are the best by by demonstrating that you adhere to the highest standards in recruitment. 

Within our toolkit you will have access to documents that will help you engage with clients such as PowerPoint slides, letters. logo's and even a checklist of marketing activity to help your business get noticed. 

Below are the links to a number of different tools you can download. To let us know if there is anything more we can provide, get in touch at

REC Audited Education documents

  1. REC Audited Education logo
  2. REC Audited Education member banner
  3. REC Audited Education case study 
  4. Client letter 
  5. REC Audited Education leaflet - for clients
  6. Audited Education PowerPoint Presentation - for clients 
  7. REC Audited Education Application Guidance  

REC Audited documents

  1. REC Audited logo
  2. REC Audited member banner
  3. Client letter 
  4. REC Audited leaflet - for clients
  5. Audited PowerPoint Presentation - for clients 
  6. REC Audited Application Guidance  

Generic documents  

  1.  Marketing checklist - a checklist to help you make the most of your Audited status 
  2.  Press release tips - top tips for getting your Audited accreditation story noticed by media and press


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