Our Council & Working Board

The council oversees the work of the REC's Chief Executive and Executive Committee.

Council directors are appointed by being elected at the Annual General Meeting of the REC or by the Council itself during the course of the year as vacancies arise. One quarter of directors will stand down each year at the AGM, and any member can be nominated for election, in accordance with the REC’s articles.


REC council working board

The REC Council's Working board are directors elected to chair core areas of the REC's operation.

The working board is made up of the REC Chair, Joint Vice-chairs, Chair of Employment Policy Committee, Chair of Finance and Chair of the Professional Standards Committee.


Council members

Corporate Directors Tim Jacob
Jacqueline Hilton Alex Fleming
Rebekah Handford Daniel Brooks
Jeanette Barrowcliffe Mandy Purdie
Sarah Thewlis Simon Winfield
Simon Conington
Stuart Moore
Karen Davison-Renouf
IRP Directors
Aidan Anglin
Mark Edwards
Paul Sharpe
Heather Salway
Michelle Mellor
Paul Jacobs
Gary Wilson
Christopher Moore (Chairman)
Jessica Williams
Gary Taylor

REC council elections

Elections for REC Council vacancies take place every year. All REC and IRP members are entitled to stand for council, provided they meet nomination criteria.

Council Elections are held online in the lead up to the REC’s Annual General Meeting. REC members are entitled to vote for vacant corporate director positions, and IRP members can vote for individual director positions.


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