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Recrutiment & Employment Confederation

Our Council members

  • Jeanette Barrowcliffe
  • Daniel Brooks
  • Simon Conington
  • Karen Davison-Renouf
  • Mark Edwards
  • Alex Fleming
  • Rebekah Handford
  • Jacqueline Hilton
  • Paul Jacobs
  • Michelle Mellor
  • Christopher Moore (Chairman)
  • Stuart Moore
  • Heather Salway
  • Paul Sharpe
  • Gary Taylor
  • Sarah Thewlis
  • Jessica Williams
  • Gary Wilson
  • Simon Winfield

REC Articles of Association

REC Members can download the full REC Articles of Association, covering the rules around membership and our governance structure.

These are draft Articles, which are due to be approved at the AGM on 24 June - register to attend.


Changing the REC Council - an update for members

Although the REC had previously scheduled a physical EGM in April that had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This meeting had been needed to accept the result of the recent membership vote on reforming the REC’s governance and to put it into action ahead of the 2020 AGM in June. We held a remote EGM on May 21. 

Given the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, and the need to ensure stability and consistency during this challenging time, plans for changes to Governance – including all scheduled changes to non-executive roles – have been reviewed. In short, our plan remains – but the current crisis means that we will need to take some time to achieve it - and we want to avoid changes of non-executive leadership at this vital period for us all. Such changes would be difficult to achieve – and resting on the experience of existing Directors makes most sense for the industry at this time. 

At the EGM, therefore, REC members were asked to grant the Council the power to implement the proposed changes to the REC’s Governance structure at a later date, once the current emergency period has passed.  

Members wer also asked to approve an extension in the terms of current REC non-executive office holders until such time as effective election and appointment processes can be held after the immediate crisis has passed. In both cases, these extended periods should not be excessive, and will mirror the good governance approach taken by other organisations who have made the same step – keeping experienced Directors onboard as we navigate this difficult time. 

The proposals put to the EGM were: 

  • That the result of the vote of REC members held in 2020 on the subject of reforming the Governance of the REC be accepted, and that the REC Council shall be empowered to implement the changes at a time of its choosing, so long as this is before the 2021 REC AGM. 

  • That the terms of the current elected non-executive officers of the REC shall be extended, subject to their agreement, until such time as election and appointment processes can be held after the current period of lockdown ends. This period should not extend beyond December 31st 2020, without further recourse to an EGM. 

The full impact of the Covid-19 is currently unknown and ensuring stability and consistency during this challenging time is essential not only for the REC as a business and its members but also for the wellbeing of our staff.