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Recrutiment & Employment Confederation

Qualifications FAQs

I have forgotten when I am taking my exam

All details regarding examinations will be sent to you around 2 weeks before the examination date, so you can check this email for details. If you have lost this information, please contact the Qualifications Delivery team on 020 7009 2100 or

How should I submit my coursework to my study coach? (Level 3 CertRP only)

Via email where possible.

My organisation uses different terminology to the course materials. What should I use in the examination?

You will be assessed on the definitions provided in the course book.

I have had personal problems, can I defer my studies or exam date?

Please contact the REC Qualifications Delivery team on 020 7009 2100 or There will be charges applicable.

Where will my result get sent to?

Your result will be sent to your preferred address as ticked on your enrolment form. Learners must inform the Qualifications Delivery team of any change of details.

How soon after the exam can I expect the results?

Results will be posted to you 6 weeks after the examination date

I am having trouble getting my coursework to you by the deadline (Level 3 CertRP only)

It is important for you to submit your coursework by the required deadlines, however in exceptional circumstances your Study Coach can offer an extension. Learners should plan to meet all deadlines and inform their Study Coach if they have any concerns or issues.

Do I need to post a hard copy of my coursework to you? (Level 3 CertRP only)

No, this is not necessary as long as you have the facility to email Word documents.

Does the coursework count towards my final mark? (Level 3 CertRP only)

The coursework is an exercise to demonstrate learning and is intended to prepare learners for the final examination. It does not count toward the final mark, however Distance Learners need to submit their coursework by the four-week deadline before the exam and Fast-Track Learners need to submit their coursework one week before the start of their qualification course.