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Becoming a strategic partner

One issue that many recruiters face is the challenge of scaling their business. Without long-term, contractual committments from clients it can be challenging to make plans, invest and see value growing rapidly.

REC members often ask us about 'annuity' services - how to proactively sell these solutions, how to respond to tenders and how to deliver these arrangements.

Delivering annuity services can help recruiters to become strategic partners to clients. But many business leaders are put off by confusing language, the financial and regulatory issues, the business risks and the longer, sometimes complex, sales process that comes with setting up RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), MSP (Managed Service Provider) and SOW (Statement of Works) services.

To help you become a strategic partner, we have joined forces with Alison Humphries, Director of Recruitment Leadership Ltd, to offer consultancy and training in these areas for ambitious recruitment businesses.


Selling Strategic Recruitment Solutions

Providing RPO, MSP, and SOW services as recruiters is a high-growth area. As employers seek more reliable and cost-effective hiring solutions, it could be another avenue for you to increase your market share and attract new clientele. You may think it’s not worth the time and effort to compete against the bigger players in the market, but this is a common misconception - smaller businesses are often well-placed to reap the rewards from offering these services if they can spot the opportunities, priced attractively and be proactive with clients.

This course covers how to identify opportunities for regular repeat income. You will learn how the sales process differs from “spot” or contingency recruitment and how to sell persuasively at the most senior levels.

Benefits and learning outcomes

  • Why “annuity business” transforms your P&L
  • Why most recruiters are at risk of losing their best clients
  • How to identify potential clients
  • Gathering stakeholder support
  • Understanding buyer issues
  • Costing and pricing
  • Minimising business risk
  • What a professional proposal and SLA look like
  • Presenting your solution in a compelling way

Course overview

Managing Bids and Tenders

Tendering for contracts is a powerful way to expand and win new business, yet many are not ready or prepared for the pitfalls and challenges throughout the process. Recruiters can end up losing opportunities because they don't know how to respond.

As more employers look to review their recruitment provision, reduce their recruitment suppliers, and achieve better service, your ability to manage these processes will dictate your business capability.

With dedicated and tailored training, you can maximise your chances of winning bids, expanding your business, and successfully defend existing contracts.

Benefits and learning outcomes

  • Defining your business offering – what’s included and what is extra
  • Understanding the business drivers
  • Do we want to compete?
  • Understand how to compose a professional proposal document
  • From Expressions of Interest to Contract- the entire tender process
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Getting the commercials right- costs, price, and SLAs
  • Big traps - what to look out for in the small print
  • What to have in your toolkit

Course overview

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Recruitment businesses and agencies can greatly benefit from attending both courses consecutively or separately. Contact us today to arrange your training. 

Meet your business advisor

  • We have partnered with Alison Humphries, Director of Recruitment Leadership Ltd, to provide mentoring and training to help your business take this transformational step.
  • With more than 35 years in the recruitment industry, Alison is an expert in designing and selling annuity business solutions. She has personally designed and negotiated annuity recruitment contracts covering several continents and with revenue values in excess of £100 million.
  • Alison is one of the select group of Honorary Fellows of the REC.
Alison H

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