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How can Wotter help my business?

Wotter is a platform that measures the effectiveness of employee engagement initiatives.

We empower companies to stay in touch with their employees – no matter how big your team is, you’ll always know how they’re feeling, what they need from you, and which of your actions are making a real difference.

Wotter’s initiative-tracking feature allows you to constantly upgrade your initiatives to fit the current needs of your employees, so you’ll be able to keep raising your engagement levels and improving your culture.

This in turn will boost productivity, increase employee retention, and make your company an even better place to work.


Why Wotter?

There are a lot of engagement platforms out there that show you how your employees are feeling – and that’s important, but understanding the current state of things is just the first step.

The Wotter platform follows your engagement plan from start to finish:

  • see levels of engagement across a wide range of engagement categories & employee demographics
  • create initiatives to tackle areas of engagement that you select
  • track success of initiatives in terms of selected engagement areas
  • tweak, scrap, re-design & evolve initiatives to push engagement ever higher


Wotter makes it easy for you to escape the black hole of feedback and take action – targeted, trackable, improvable action – to keep pushing your company forwards.


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Richard Charnock

‘Wotter’s admin dashboard showed me that Personal Wellbeing had been low amongst our employees, so I talked to our team leaders about urging their teams to take their holiday entitlement. One week after our team leaders did this, the Personal Wellbeing category for REC employees had gone up by 8 points."

Richard Charnock Richard Charnock
COO of the REC
Asif Naidu

Switching from our old system to Wotter has increased engagement, but more importantly, it’s helped us understand how our employees are responding to their work, our company, and the wider world at any given moment. This data has enabled us to create and adapt initiatives that keep up with what our teams need from us in order to be their best.

Asif Naidu Asif Naidu
COO of Fiscal Engineers
Wotter testimonial

We're getting some really useful data from the dashboard, and we’ve only been live for a few months. The system itself is really easy to use, and Wotter’s developers are very quick to act on feedback and requests for new updates.

Wotter testimonial Emily Christmas
Senior HR Adviser - Carrington West