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Recrutiment & Employment Confederation

The Recruitment Network

Who we are 

The Recruitment Network is the largest and fastest growing  network for recruitment leaders who want to improve the performance of their businesses, increase profitability and productivity, and maximise shareholder value.

What we do 

Our objective is simple - to use the collective expertise  of a peer group of recruitment leaders, industry experts and entrepreneurs  to enable each other to grow and outperform the rest of the market.

The Recruitment Network provides three different membership tiers, TRNWorld, TRNWorldPlus and TRNClub depending on the levels of support you require. To find out more simply click here

By working together, the REC and TRN aim to improve and expand the level of support and advice available to all recruitment businesses across the UK.

Recruitment Leaders who are interested in growing and improving their business can now benefit from:

  •  A comprehensive suite of consultancy support, products and services to help improve performance

  • Mentorship and strategic advisory services

  • Access to a range of online and face to face peer to peer networking events continuously throughout the year

  • An online toolkit with everything you need to run and grow a recruitment business

  • A community of motivated and engaged recruitment leaders ready and willing to collaborate and share ideas

  • REC members receive 15% off all membership fees

Join the TRN network today


Enquiries 0844 272 8990
Our offer to REC members:

REC members will enjoy further discounts on all TRN services and products whilst members of TRN will in return gain access to unique member concessions and a wider suite of support services, such as legal advice, financial audit and training, delivered by the REC.

All members of the REC are invited to get a taste of the TRN community for free by registering at or by attending one of the free TRN Roundtable events held online each week. Email to register.

In addition, all REC members receive 15% discount on annual membership to The Recruitment Network.

To find out more, contact your REC Account Manager.
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The Recruitment Network

Being a member of the REC means being amongst the best.

Representing a network of more than 3,300 recruitment businesses and 10,500 individual recruiters gives us a unique insight that can help you grow.