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2020 legal changes and the Good work Plan

2020 legal changes

The UK labour market is changing.

While successive governments want to embrace change, they also have an eye on workers’ rights. That is why the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices, and four further consultations into employment status, increasing transparency, agency workers and enforcement, were commissioned. Coupled with this, the Government has given assurances that workers’ rights are not watered down when the UK leaves the EU.

In 2018, the then Secretary of State for Business, Greg Clark, presented a paper to Parliament called the Good Work Plan. In it, the government commits to a wide range of policy and legislative changes to ensure that workers access fair and decent work, that both employers and workers have the clarity they need to understand their employment relationships, and that the enforcement system is fair and fit for purpose.

These are some of the changes that are happening in April 2020 and the related resources that are available to you.

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In the Good Work Plan, the government made several proposals for future legislation or regulative changes. These are part of a drive by the government to update employment law in the UK to better reflect and keep up with changes in the labour market and workplace.

A number of these proposals are likely to impact on the recruitment sector including the intention to regulate umbrella companies, legislation to clarify and align employment and tax status, and the right to request a more stable and predictable contract.

Along with this, we are likely to see consultations on proposals to tackle ‘one sided flexibility’ looking at legislation to enforce payment for cancelled shifts and reasonable notice periods.  The REC will continue to update and consult members on future changes and engage with government on the possible impacts of any future legislation.

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