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REC and The GC Index® Are Working Together to Help Businesses Build Stronger Teams

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The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has partnered with The GC Index® and Franklin-Hackett, leading experts in measuring the impact that everyone can make to a role, team and organisation.

The GC Index® is a tool that helps employers identify the strengths of their team members and understand the impact each individual will make. Having this valuable insight lets employers take informed decisions about who is best suited for different roles and how to create the right environment for them to thrive. That means unbiased decisions that support diversity of thought and achieve objectives.

REC is teaming up with Franklin-Hackett to put The GC Index® into the hands of recruiters to help them better achieve their objectives and provide a winning service to their clients. This means REC members will have the opportunity to benefit from:

  1. Candidate Impact Insights: Recruiters can use The GC Index® to build the ideal recruitment team, but also go above and beyond for their clients. By using The GC Index® with candidates, recruiters can offer clients unique insights into how the people they put forward will contribute to their organisation’s objectives.
  2. Impactful Recruitment Team Workshops: In a one-day facilitated workshop, designed specifically for recruitment, learn how your teams can achieve more. Using The GC Index®, your staff will gain an insight into their individual and team impact and work together to build a strategy to achieve goals. 
  3. High Performing Recruitment Leaders Workshops: Using The GC Index®, this one-day facilitated workshop will focus in on the impact of your leadership team. With a better understanding of their strengths as individuals and as a team, participants will strategise to boost performance and grow the business.
  4. Impactful Remote Working Solution:  By leveraging The GC Index we enable teams to rapidly understand the impact they can make on crucial business priorities, even when they’re not in the same location as their colleagues. Empowering our members to continue delivering game-changing business outcomes while working remotely.

Neil Carberry, CEO of the REC said:

“Business is fundamentally about people. It’s about finding the right people and creating the environment they need to thrive. Because when they do, business thrives too. That’s what really drives productivity and it’s what the recruitment industry are experts in. Gaining insights into how staff members like to work, using proven techniques, can help clients get that perfect match and develop people strategies that boost business success. We’re very excited to launch our partnership with The GC Index to help our members and their clients achieve exactly that.”    

Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher from The GC Index said: 

“We know that the world of work is changing at an unprecedented rate and we see this GC Index partnership with the REC as a huge step for the UK recruitment and employment industry. Together we will empower all organisations in the UK to recruit individuals based upon the impact they want to make, value their people for the positive impact they do make and develop people for the impact they have the potential to make. Exciting times ahead.”

John Franklin-Hackett, Founder and Chief Game-Changer from Franklin-Hackett said: 

“This exciting partnership with the REC will be hugely influential in enabling the UK’s recruiters to make great hires that deliver a game-changing impact. At a time when workplace wellbeing is a high priority, our services will make it simple for members to use the power of The GC Index® to align individuals with roles that reward their impact, allowing them to deliver great business outcomes. We are thoroughly looking forward to working with the REC and our partners at The GC Index to facilitate outstanding, game-changing recruitment.”


  • To find out more about The GC Index click here. 
  • Our dedicated contact for REC members at The GC Index is Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher. Contact Nathan on +44 207 637 2500 or via your dedicated REC Account Manager.
About The GC Index

The GC Index® is the world's first Organimetric (organisation metric). It measures the real and potential impact that everyone can make to a role, team and/or organisation. The GC Index® augments and complements existing HR and Talent data. Our community of accredited GCologists are working with our GC Partners to deliver solutions that accelerate individual, team and organisational impact.

Find out more about The GC Index.

About Franklin-Hackett

Franklin-Hackett is an organisation devoted to helping recruiters make great hires that deliver a game-changing impact. We're driven to do this by our vision – a world full of workplaces where every individual leaves at the end of every day wanting to do it all again tomorrow.

Our simple, low risk, accessible and cost-effective solutions put the power of The GC Index® in the hands of recruiters without them having to change their existing way of working, unlocking their potential to be great recruiters and showing their clients they know their candidates’ impact and contribution to their business objectives better than anyone else.

Find out more about Franklin-Hackett.