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Win the War for Talent - The GC Index

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Many people expected the pandemic and its economic aftermath would mean the war for talent was over. It’s not.

Even though there are arguably more candidates in the market now, attracting the right talent that can make the right impact is still a challenge for businesses, not only in historically skill short sectors, but also across those areas that have been hit hard by the pandemic. As a result, the candidates are back in control and more selective than before. They’re looking for a role that allows them to succeed by making their best impact. Businesses need high quality hires who make the right impact, deliver the required business outcomes and stay in the role for the long term.

Meeting these needs is a challenge for the whole recruitment industry.

But despite the pandemic, there’s no shortage of recruiters, all of them trying to attract the same candidates and win the same briefs. And many are still using techniques that were becoming outdated before the pandemic.

So how can you rise above your competitors and stand out in a market where the need to make the right impact is driving the decisions of both candidates and clients more than ever?

That’s the question we’ll be answering in this video.