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Stay ahead of recruitment trends

Maintaining a steady pool of suitable and reliable candidates for recruitment is essential to a successful recruitment agency. However, between the trials of COVID and the changes of Brexit, the industry has changed dramatically.

Now is the time for companies to react to optimise your recruitment processes and remain effective in this new environment. As all competitors will be flocking at the same time to source and engage passive candidates and improve candidate retention, you’ll need our top tips to help create a recruitment plan that works for the new normal.

Optimise your website and social media platforms for Gen Z

As Generation Z makes up the biggest percentage of the candidate camp and being the savviest users of social media and online presence, making the most of these platforms is essential to get ahead. These platforms will be your best chance at engaging with prospective candidates and convincing them to explore your positions.

Online platforms also present the perfect opportunity to pitch your agency as the ideal solution to candidates. Use these spaces to showcase a positive, comprehensive narrative of your company – share inspiring team stories or scenes of the company community on social media – to ensure a reputation of being people-centred, trustworthy, and a desirable prospect that engages top talent and passive candidates alike. Don’t forget, we’re always on hand to help revamp your online presence, including your recruitment website.

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Invest in business management applications for candidate productivity

When looking at employee acquisition from a candidate’s perspective, when they may have various different job sources to manage, it's essential to make their engagement with you as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Onboarding a worker mobile app integrated with your recruitment CRM to share availability, log timesheets, and withdraw pay could be a huge asset in candidate sourcing, improved candidate experience, and increased candidate retention. This simple action can go a long way in generating positive word-of-mouth. Much needed assets in the middle of a candidate crisis!

Build employee wellbeing into your ongoing recruitment plan

Presenting an emphasis on ongoing employee wellbeing and team communication when you create a recruitment plan will compel candidates to see your agency as a secure option for them.

If they can feel confident that you are prepared to support them past their first few gigs, they’re more likely to put the effort in for your next vacancy – and to stay on in your future candidate pool, too.

Survive and thrive beyond the candidate crisis

We know it’s an increasingly difficult market at the moment and everyone is racing to adapt. We hope our tips will be a great aid in helping you win clients in recruitment and develop processes to help you succeed as we progress beyond the pandemic and changes of Brexit.

For more information and practical advice for navigating the candidate crisis, we’ve developed a guide to help you apply strategies to navigate this period and win the war for talent.

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