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Targeting For Local Jobs Using Google Ads

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Guest blog contribution by SiteWizard

It’s safe to say the last two years have changed the way we advertise jobs for ever. For many jobs now, you can have someone working from home meaning to find the right candidate you might need to advertise nationally, or for some jobs even internationally. However, there will always be jobs where you need staff local to the business and it’s those job adverts that I want to talk to you about today using Google Ads (

Our approach

It’s fairly straightforward to set up a functioning Google Ads campaign yourself, Google’s system will take you through how to do it.  However, their system is built to drive more traffic to your site based on volume first, quality second. This can result in great visitor numbers but low conversions as some traffic is not relevant…and those wasted clicks cost money, resulting in a much higher ad spend bill. I would always recommend you use a Google Ads professional from an agency like us, who will help you run your campaign effectively getting the most value from your spend with quality traffic being the number 1 priority.

When your Google Ads specialist sets up your Ads groups, they might want to use certain extensions to help make the ad more enticing to a potential candidate. They also can add locations to each ad. So, for example, a recruitment consultant advertising a sales job in Kent will more likely want to set the location to Kent but if they wanted to, they could get even more targeted simply by selecting just the local towns to that office or even postcodes. This is just one example of the various settings that a Google Partner looks into when creating a campaign that only comes with experience.

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If you aren’t using Google Ads as part of your recruitment marketing strategy, SiteWizard can run you a free report on how they can do this for you. If you are, why not try a free Google Ads audit from SiteWizard? They will run an audit completely free of charge on how you can make your ads even better. If you decided to take SiteWizard up on their Google Ads audit, as part of being a member of the REC you will be entitled to a 25% discount off their management fee. SiteWizard is a Google Partner meaning they have demonstrated they can deliver an ROI for their customers using Google Ads.

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This is a guest blog contribution for the REC website. The views expressed by guest writers reflect the individual's personal opinions.

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