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Can driver recruitment agencies thrive in this challenging market? - Voyager

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The shortage of drivers in the transport and logistics sector continues to impact businesses in the UK. With the impending festive season, it is only fitting for driver recruiters to embrace robust driver recruitment software systems to meet these challenges head-on.

Seeking talent to get behind the wheels

A survey by Road Haulage Association suggests that there is a need for more than 100,000 drivers. While the shortage existed even before Covid, this gap in qualified drivers widened partly due to thousands of European drivers moving back home last year.

A huge backlog in HGV driver tests also made it extremely challenging for companies to get new drivers on the road. Additionally, the existing driving workforce is rapidly ageing. It is time to recruit new people to ease the current driver shortage and prepare for the future.

The rising demand for HGV drivers has led to attractive packages and the restructuring of better working conditions. This is attracting a new workforce. However, most of them lack experience and training.

Driving recruitment agencies must tap into their existing network to locate suitable candidates. Licensed lorry drivers should also be encouraged to return to the logistics sector. Recruiters must seek these qualified and experienced drivers who have moved to other sectors and encourage them to get in the driving seat again.

Identifying and Placing drivers faster with the right driving recruitment software

The right driver recruitment software, such as our Voyager Infinity CRM, will not only facilitate a streamlined recruiting system from start to finish but will help you identify the right candidates as well.

Quick talent sourcing is a challenge in these times but not impossible. Recruitment software’s ability to integrate smoothly with social networking platforms aids in this process. In the case of Voyager Infinity, this is taken to the next level by the ability to bulk import identified candidates with no data entry whatsoever.

It is an ongoing challenge to find and place qualified, compliant and available drivers. Robust driving specific recruitment CRM systems optimise the hiring process, making it simpler, straightforward, and efficient.

Driver recruitment agencies should also partner with suitable recruitment CRM solutions to quicken their hiring process and digital transformation.

Pre-employment skills testing helps measure a potential candidate’s technical knowledge and experience. Infinity CRM integrates easily with ISV.Online, our market-leading online skills testing software.

Once quality candidates are identified, quickly move to the next stage by registering them easily via the agency website or using the CRM mobile app. Then utilise recruitment software’s colour-coded, fully functional planner to manage candidate bookings from one place.

Real-time compliance checking CRM system will help ensure that different drivers operating on different types of contracts meet all the legal requirements.

The logistics sector is the lifeblood of the UK economy. Recruitment software champions quick, efficient, and quality recruiting. Thus, driving recruitment agencies must leverage the available tech expertise to ensure that the sector is fully supported.