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What Made You Choose Recruitment?

Your recruitment career

What made you choose recruitment? We asked REC Professionals to share what made them become a recruiter, can you relate with what participants told us?

Came into recruitment as a stop-gap, and loved it!

Recruitment can be a great option for those unsure about their career path, offering flexibility, broad sector working and the chance to meet and work with a range of people – not to mention helping others secure their dream job. It’s no wonder the 33% who stumbled into recruitment love it.

I love working with people

There’s no denying that recruitment is a people industry, with client and candidate contact featuring high in any recruitment role. If you love working with people it’s likely you’ll enjoy a career in recruitment, like the 27% of participants who cited this as their recruitment career motivator.

I wanted to help people and transform lives

Recruitment is one of the only industries outside of health and social care where you can truly transform someone’s life through your work, and was the driving factor for 19% of those polled. Helping someone to find their dream job, break a spell of unemployment, or change their career can hold great professional satisfaction – not to mention personal meaning.

The challenge

Competitive, fast-paced, results driven: recruitment is no walk in the park when it comes to career choices. You’ll have days when you feel like you’re more than up against the wall, but that’s part of its appeal to many - and was voted as a key career decider by 8% of participants.

I always wanted to be a recruiter

Some people know what they want to do from an early age, something we’ve noticed through the rise of young people taking on recruitment apprenticeships. Out of those polled, 3% of participants had always seen themselves as recruiters, and are living the dream when it comes to their work life.

The salary and benefits

High salary potential, flexible working, commission, sociable working culture – recruitment holds a range of benefits. Out of all participants 2% stated this as the reason they sought a career in recruitment. As a recruiter you will enter into a sector always in need, and could work anywhere in the world with a little additional training. Tempting, isn’t it.